2022 Dive Champs Results

Results from Dive Champs
Event CHAMPIONS: Ty Heckman Boys 9-10, Aiden Young Boys 11-12 Congratulations guys!
Age Group Results
Boys 8 and Under
Brayden McCollum – 8th Place
Girls 8 and Under
Ellie Young – 6th Place
Boys 9-10
Ty Heckman – 1st Place
Isaiah Wittenbrink – 4th Place
Logan Roiberg – 6th Place
Girls 9-10
Rena Young – 6th Place
Claire Nelson 8th Place
Jensynn Orr – 16th Place
Boys 11-12
Aiden Young – 1st Place
Aiden Monfort – 2nd Place
Colton Keller – 6th Place
Girls 11-12
Arelia Varno – 8th Place
Great Job Barracudas!

2022 Full Dive Champion Results are posted to the Results page. You can also see them HERE